Food Genius provides a suite of foodservice data analysis tools and experienced insights services from our team of industry analysts.

Food Genius bundles custom reporting capabilities, access to our proprietary industry research library as well as many other strategic and consultative services.

Food Genius is developing solutions and research that are currently in use by Marketers, Sales Representatives, New Product Developers, or Consumer Insights Researchers from all segments of the food industry, including Chain Restaurants, Foodservice Manufacturers, Distributors and CPG Brands.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of data and insight to the food industry. Our company is comprised of people who are passionate about food, technology and using big data to drive innovation.

Foster Creativity and Enhance Efficiency

Food Genius Reports fosters creativity, increases collaboration and enhances efficiencies. By leveraging our platform, food industry professionals can access massive amounts of curated data in minutes and hours - not days or weeks, share new concepts with colleagues, and spend more time being creative.

Accelerate Product Development Cycles

Food Genius Reports allows you to accelerate product development cycles by increasing access to relevant information during this critical phase.

Reduce Risk

As food trends become more and more fleeting - ingredients or menu items that are hot concepts today can be passé tomorrow.