Restaurant Menu Data

Restaurant Menu Data

At Food Genius, restaurant menu data is serious business. We spend a great deal of time determining what drives consumer decisions in restaurants. We have discovered that many decisions can be traced right back to the restaurant menu. A restaurant menu is a collection of data points, and as technology advances, so does the ability to capture this data. Restaurants distribute menus across the country with just a few clicks and changes can happen in seconds.

With Food Genius Reports, clients leverage our platform - data and visualizations of that data - to gain a quick and comprehensive understanding of what flavors and flavor combinations are available and trending on menus. This restaurant menu data enable our clients to stay ahead of the curve in identifying emerging trends. The insights gathered from our platform can then be used to impact the creation and marketing of new products.

The big data revolution is just beginning with 90% of the world’s digital data produced in just the past two years. For operators, distributors, manufacturers and foodservice companies data is the backbone that drives innovation and growth. For restaurants, the menu is arguably the single largest source of information to inform purchase decisions. The menu informs customers of what products are offered, entices them to purchase or purchase more, and provokes conversations. As restaurants evolve their strategies to keep up with constant change in consumer tastes and demands, we are confident that Food Genius Reports will have a dramatic impact on how the food industry utilizes, analyzes and profits from data.

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Industry Insiders Comment on Current Restaurant Menu Data Offerings

Brand Manager @ “Major” Food Co. - “One of the major drawbacks of (other company) menu data tool is that it’s not easy for me to collaborate with the rest of my team when developing concepts to test.”

The Food Genius Solution: With Food Genius Reports you can collaborate with dispersed, diverse teams in an integrated fashion. Food Genius Reports outputs can be easily digested by marketing, sales, or innovation team members and are often shared with C-Suite executives.

Innovation Manager @ Ingredient Manufacturer - “Existing data services base their insights on extremely small sample sizes of menus and locations leading to questions concerning the fidelity of the data and accuracy of the insights generated.

The Food Genius Solution: We have data covering hundreds of thousands of menus, millions of menu items, and several hundred thousands of locations. This is exponentially more coverage than that of any other provider in this space. Bigger data drive better insights and better insights provide you with competitive advantage.

Research & Development Chef @ Product Manufacturer - “Existing research tools are slow and difficult to use.”

The Food Genius Solution: Our platform leverages a visual and highly intuitive user interface that allows for quick, and easy exploration of data and concepts.