Chuck Sample, Vice President of Insights & Analytics, US Foods

"Food Genius is collaborative in planning, nimble, transparent and creative in both problem solving and delivery.  Chemistry is everything, and while our two companies’ cultures are very different, Food Genius is quickly becoming ‘part of the team.’  They inspire an entrepreneurial spirit with us. Food Genius’s passion and knowledge of food and the out-of-home eating experience along with their robust, flexible technology and analytical prowess has ensured that we can leverage their assets quickly.  We have a common objective – to transform the food service and restaurant industries.  Our common interests in technical and analytic innovation to drive this transformation has made them a valuable partner."

Peter Cokinos, VP Marketing, Grecian Delight

"We looked to Food Genius to provide us with valuable external data that without them, we wouldn't have been able to access. We used the data and insights they produced to develop strategies for expanding the market of our new products."

Jeff Cobb, Director - Marketing Analysis & Revenue Management, Arby's Restaurant Group

"The relationship with Food Genius has been great. They have been very open to feedback, have come to the table with unique approaches to solve problems, and have been a great partner in delivering value to our organization. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

National Account Manager, Leading Foodservice Manufacturer

Food Genius adds to our company's credibility by providing data for menu development and industry trends, both regionally and nationally. Food Genius allows our company to work with our customers to develop new menus items along with providing the confidence to make an educated decision. Food Genius is so easy to use and to play with; it is menu development with a side of confidence.

National Account Manager, Leading Foodservice Manufacturer

Having a specialist at Food Genius to work on a specific topic for us is so valuable. We recently had Food Genius work on a presentation for us on regional Italian Cuisine Dishes. In a matter of days, Food Genius had a complete report back to us that allowed us to assist our national chain customer to begin the regional customization of new and existing menu items. Food Genius is our market analyzer. I would recommend Food Genius to non-competing companies. I don’t want my competitors to find out how useful of a tool Food Genius is!