Brand Manager, National Flavor Company

Food Genius is awesome. It helped me come up with an idea for a flavor concept that tested well and that didn't come up in any of our prior work. Using Food Genius is intuitive and easy. I was able to play around with concepts very quickly and get immediate feedback on what's happening in the real world.

National Account Manager, Leading Foodservice Manufacturer

Food Genius provides a complete picture of the restaurant industry by analyzing multiple sources of data, which provides a quick specific usable search engine for their customers. We no longer have to analyze raw data to find the trends and unique restaurant offerings to help service our customers.

Brand Manager, Global CPG Co

The Food Genius Reports tool is much more interactive and engaging than other database tools/programs I've seen. Overall, Food Genius gives us an edge in terms of seeing trends and translating them in actionable ideas for our business and brands

National Account Manager, Leading Foodservice Manufacturer

Food Genius adds to our company's credibility by providing data for menu development and industry trends, both regionally and nationally. Food Genius allows our company to work with our customers to develop new menus items along with providing the confidence to make an educated decision. Food Genius is so easy to use and to play with; it is menu development with a side of confidence.

National Account Manager, Leading Foodservice Manufacturer

Having a specialist at Food Genius to work on a specific topic for us is so valuable. We recently had Food Genius work on a presentation for us on regional Italian Cuisine Dishes. In a matter of days, Food Genius had a complete report back to us that allowed us to assist our national chain customer to begin the regional customization of new and existing menu items. Food Genius is our market analyzer. I would recommend Food Genius to non-competing companies. I don’t want my competitors to find out how useful of a tool Food Genius is!

Director of Marketing, Leading Food Manufacturer

We took a huge step toward better aligning with today’s consumer environment by combining our foodservice and retail marketing teams. This allows us to pull the strongest trends and data from both worlds and combine for pretty compelling selling stories. The speed at which I can get questions answered and explained as well as the constant change and improvements the team at Food Genius is making. There is always something better coming out – something that I can’t wait to share with a customer or prospect.