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Helping US Foods customers "make it" with data.

We look at the food industry from a fresh perspective.

Food Genius cooks up data-driven insights, recommendations and analytics that help US Foods’ customers "make it".

We work at the cutting-edge of our industry, empowering our sales and tech teams with data to make better, more informed decisions. Our technologists uncover and translate data that supports our customers in unique ways – from menu product and pricing insights to statistical analyses of burger toppings.

We distill this complex information into actionable insights that drive sales, merchandising, recommendation engines and pricing strategies.

From startup to skunkworks.

We’ve always been curious. In our early years as a startup, we aggregated and analyzed menus to help clients understand what people want to eat and uncover trends.

Today, we’re an innovative R&D lab for US Foods, exploring bigger and more nuanced questions that no one else can answer. From our headquarters in Chicago’s culinary capital, the West Loop, we invent new technologies and approaches that reveal opportunities within the food industry.

We help US Foods and their customers find answers to their toughest questions.

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Food Genius is a place where data scientists, creative technologists, software engineers and designers explore the future of the food industry.

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Food Genius Projects

We experiment & build stuff... and love open source. Explore the tools we've created.

tsneplot - t-SNE for Humans

CLI tool for quick & dirty visualizations of word2vec models. Uses the t-SNE (t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding) method provided in scikit-learn.

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